The Dictator for Life's Obligatory Introduction

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The Dictator for Life's Obligatory Introduction

Post by Tipsy » Sat May 26, 2018 8:31 pm

Howdy Folks, Tenno, Cannibals, Mutants, and Zombies!

I am your tipsy, fearless (or is it the Dutch courage?!) leader, Tipsy MacScotchslurpen! Chances are I'm not actually drinking right now. I rarely do, which is why when I do, I can usually feel it after just one glass.... This is also why, after having had a single, 16 year old glass of Lagavulin's single-malt Scotch whisky (only us Americans and some Irish add the 'e' to whiskey) I came up with this IGN while wracking my brain for a minute or two, staring at the user registration screen for Warframe. Now I guess it is stuck, which isn't such a bad thing. My only regret is that [DE]Megan thought it was an awful name when she had to announce my having won 750 platinum in a Twitch livestream giveaway. I was proud, however, that Twitch chat seemed to like it, and one person even claimed "That's the kind of guy I want to have at my parties!" It's true, I probably would have brought an old, barely-touched bottle of high-end Bourbon or a single-malt whisk(e)y from one country or another to any party I would be invited to.

I am a gamer, an audiophile, a really poor (in skill, cash, and equipment) amateur photographer, and a wannabe watchmaker. I guess old mechanical and electronic stuff interests me, and I'm always on the hunt for exciting or beautiful music to which to listen.

As for you, welcome to our tiny, hopefully budding community! I hope this becomes a great place to hang out when you've got a moment free in life to spend on trivial pursuits and relaxation. Let's keep it trivial and relaxing so that it can stay that type of place. :)


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